The Criminalization of Christianity

I just finished this Conservative American Christian book lent to me by a friend. the same friend who got me thinking the house church way. The author is Janet Folger, who "Janet served for nine years as Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life where she successfully lobbied for passage of the nation's first partial-birth abortion ban, which sparked the national debate in Congress and throughout the country. She also secured passage of the Woman's Right to Know Law, Parental Consent, Fetal Homicide, Clinic Regulations, Adoption reform, as well as removing all state funding of abortion."

But this book also looks at the homosexual agenda. She points to examples of Christians in liberal democracies and the states who bear government persecution for teaching God's word. Their crime is hate speech. Quickly, hate speech and God speech seem to be equitable. The lists of anti-Christian jurisprudence and eerie similarities to Nazism in the 1930's are depressing. But she has hope. She is unashamedly a believer and spends a lot of discussing the spiritual aspect of our battle. But she also has some practical advice too.

pp. 217-218
We must control the debate.
We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

There are two worldviews at odds with each other. One stands for God and the principles in His Word, and the other seeks to destroy them ("The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy" [John 10:10]).

We have debated the issues on our opponents' terms for too long, responding, defending, reacting. On virtually every issue, they have succeeded by portraying their position as one of "neutrality" ("choice," "tolerance," "diversity") and our position as one of "hostility" ("narrow-minded," "arrogant," "judgmental"). With this posture, even those who agree with us side with the opposition because the don't want to "impose their morality" on others and be viewed as the media portrays us. As long as they continue to portray their side as "neutral," they win.

What is not communicated properly is that if we lose, their (im)morality is imposed on all of us....Instead of defending our basic rights in response to their attacks, we need to be initiating and debating what will gain us ground we didn't previously have.

As with debates on partial-birth abortion and a woman's right to know, since we introduced the legislation, we named it. Groups opposed to protecting children and informed consent had to speak about it in our language. They lost the debate before it ever started. And for the first time, the American people go a glimpse of how brutal abortion really is and how extreme those who work against us really are. Every independent poll since the congressional debate on partial-birth abortion has gained between eight ad ten points for the pro-life movement.

To win, we must draw the lines, set the stage, and choose the terms of discussion.

----Janet L. Folger, The Criminalization of Christianity, 2005, Multnomah


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