Illegal Immigration - Prison Fellowship

Chuck Colson points to the social ramifications of abortion on the immigration issue. The murder of 40MM Americans affects everything in our capitalist country, social security, taxation, incarceration rates. Abortion is not our friend. Death never is.

"As Christians, we add a third dimension to this. We are told to welcome aliens and strangers in our midst—no matter how they got here—which is why so many churches are rallying to support the immigrants.

But what’s the root of the problem? Why do we have a shortage of workers? Aha, that’s the unspeakable “A” word that the elite dread the most: abortion.

The reason we must allow millions of illegal aliens in to fill these jobs is because we have murdered a generation that would otherwise be filling them: 40 million sacrificed since 1973 to the god of self-fulfillment. And Americans are barely maintaining a replacement-level birthrate of 2.1 children per woman.

Remember the compassionate stuff that the abortionists used to tell us: “We are just preventing these poor kids from growing up in deprived, impoverished circumstances”? Hah! False. What happens is that others come in from abroad to live in those deprived, difficult, and impoverished circumstances and at great public cost."


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