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"Abortion supporters’ intolerance said to be “appalling”

LONDON, March 27, 2006 ( - One year after the University of Western Ontario (UWO) awarded infamous abortionist Henry Morgentaler an honorary degree, the abortion debate has re-ignited.

On March 21, Stephanie Gray, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, spoke against abortion at King’s College at UWO. Police and security were brought to the scene to handle expected disruption from abortion advocates. 130 people attended the talk, about half were vehemently against Gray. Several spoke out of turn throughout the presentation. One student was so disruptive security told him to leave. He refused but remained silent for the remainder of the presentation.

Gray was protected that evening by an undercover police officer. Before the presentation started, she was given a security briefing which included having a uniformed police officer in the next room, ready to whisk her to a police car if violence broke out.

That evacuation plan was not required but many of the abortion supporters were unruly. “Their intolerance was appalling,” said Gray. “In my four years of giving presentations and debates at university campuses across North America I have never encountered such a rude and disruptive audience. Abortion supporters ‘talk’ tolerance but these ones sure don’t ‘walk’ it.”

Throughout the presentation, random audience members stood up and faced their backs to Gray. Others placed pieces of tape on their mouths with “choice” written on them.

The crowd became greatly agitated when Gray spoke about personhood. She explained that denying the unborn their status as persons was analogous to past atrocities when societies denied, for example, Jews their personhood. She pointed out that t"


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