frozen humans with potential

Stephen J. Grabill writes in an Acton commentary:

Currently, in the United States alone, nearly 500,000 human embryos are being cryopreserved at some 430 fertility clinics. A staggering 88 percent of these embryos, which are only a few days old and much smaller than the dot on this i, were created by doctors for use in some form of assisted reproduction.

The most common ART technique is in vitro fertilization with embryo transfer (IVF-ET), in which a woman is induced to produce multiple eggs where four to six of the most viable are retrieved and then fertilized in the laboratory, with the resulting embryos transferred to the woman’s uterus. At the best clinics, the success rate for each in vitro attempt is between 25 and 50 percent....

Christians and defenders of human dignity who acknowledge embryos to be preborn persons have a dual responsibility to protect the innocent and also to do no harm. The stakes are high because, as Ron Stoddart founder of Nightlight Christian Adoptions stresses, “An embryo is not a potential human life—it is human life with potential.”....

Routine overproduction of embryos and high mortality rates suggest that IVF-ET degrades and instrumentalizes the very life it seeks to create. The fundamental purpose of every embryo is to realize its own life: to fulfill its divine purpose of achieving life as a rational, social, creative, spiritual, and morally free and responsible person. In assisted reproduction and cryopreservation—unlike in normal conception and gestation—the natural progression of an embryo’s life from potential to actual can be temporarily interrupted, stalled for a time, or worse, permanently thwarted from achieving its purpose....

We are so sadly in a brave new world, under the aegis of enabling an infertile couple to give birth, we have stifled the market for adoption and supported the woman's right to choose to kill her baby. Why do the children never enter into the public's thinking?


Anonymous said…
Fanatic Christian, you still cant block everything. Your missionaries have limited time in India. They would be dragged out very soon. Your lies and greed would be there for the whole world to see.
Rebecca said…
Anonymous--So tired of the ad hominem (look it up) It is a dead give away that you have no argument.

Anyway, as if IVF wasn't bad enough, now with preimplantation genetic diagnosis, parents can choose embryos that are a genetic match to a sick older sibling that needs a transplant. BBC News called them "spare part babies".

IVF has always made children man-made products and commoditities to be exploited. We are just now catching a glimpse of the where the IVF road will take us.

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