The Point: A dying population

The Point writes

That's the title of a very depressing story that ran in yesterday's Los Angeles Times. As writer Kim Murphy tells us,

Russia is rapidly losing population. Its people are succumbing to one of the world's fastest-growing AIDS epidemics, resurgent tuberculosis, rampant cardiovascular disease, alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, suicide and the lethal effects of unchecked industrial pollution.

In addition, abortions outpaced births last year by more than 100,000. An estimated 10 million Russians of reproductive age are sterile because of botched abortions or poor health.

Somewhat related is this piece at the Evangelical Outpost which concludes this way

But what choice do Democrats have? Party strategists know better than to question the sacred allegiance to the abortion lobby. They realize that to even suggest that Democratic legislators might want to temper their pro-abortion stance would send the shrieking harpies from NARAL and the Netroots berserkers into a frenzy. So they cower and submit and deny the obvious in order to pacify the extreme factions of the party.

In the meantime, Democrats in Congress secretly pray that the Roberts Court will overturn Roe and send the issue back to the states. If the precedent is overturned they’ll feign outrage and fume about back alley abortions but they know that nothing will really change. Abortion will still be legal in California and New York, banned in South Dakota and Mississippi. But they’ll have gained something that will elude them as long as Roe and Doe remain the law of the land – a chance to once again gain control of the legislative branch.


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