CT: Worth Protecting

what to do with those little frozen babies, i mean, embryos? take their stem cells? thaw them?

Pundit Michael Kinsley, an ESC research proponent, calls us hypocrites: "If embryos are human beings, the routine practices of fertility clinics are far worse—both in numbers and in criminal intent—than stem-cell research. And yet no one objects, or objects very loudly."

Of course, a few of us—including CT—do object. Joni Eareckson Tada, left a quadriplegic from a diving accident, is another one. "IVF is not morally squeaky clean," she told me. "Christian couples need to understand the inherent moral problems connected with that procedure as it is presently performed."

Is the embryo really a precious human life made in God's image? Or is it simply marvelously complex raw material to be exploited for the greater good? Eareckson Tada is unwilling to cross that moral line, even in her wheelchair. How about the rest of us?


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