mostly born abortion ban

from the Boundless blog...
JUSTICE GINSBURG: Even though we are told by some of the medical briefs that the procedure is basically the same, they start out in the same way and that the difference -- the differences are not large in particular cases.

GENERAL CLEMENT: Well, Justice Ginsburg, let me make a couple of points in response to that. I think -- taken at the broader level first, I think there is one very important difference between these two procedures that led Congress to ban one and allow the other to stand. And that is whether fetal demise takes place in utero, which is, of course, the hallmark of all abortions, or whether fetal demise takes place when the fetus is more than halfway out of the mother. ...

Note the last several words in that statement, "more than halfway out of the mother." This is the reality we live in under current abortion law. There will be no consideration for the baby as long as most of its body is still inside the mother. Let's be perfectly clear here. The issue in this case is not about whether a viable unborn baby should be killed, just how to kill it.


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