WMB: Dem leaders won't lobby against fetal pain bill

World Mag reports
House Democratic leaders have said they won't lobby members of their caucus to vote against legislation that would inform women of the pain their baby would feel during an abortion, LifeNews.com reports.Pro-life groups strongly support the [Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act] and hope it will result in women changing their minds about abortions. Abortion advocates are split, with leading abortion advocacy group NARAL not lobbying on it and Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations strenuously opposing it....Nancy Pelosi is calling the vote a "vote of conscience" and will not speak on the bill or ask the Democratic caucus to oppose it. Pelosi and other Democratic leaders are citing NARAL's reluctance to oppose the bill as the primary reason for not urging party members to vote against it. Interesting. If I had time today, I'd go check out who's received how much money from whom. (A WMB blogger project?) Still, Democrats can afford to allow conscience votes in this case: Even the bill's sponsor, Rep. Chris Smith (R-New Jersey), said it will be tough to get the two-thirds support needed to pass it. A vote on the measure is expected today....


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