more non-embryonic stem cells

The cells that make sperm in mice can also be directed down the path to heart and muscle cells. The technique hasn't been found yet to do it with human cells but the lack of ethical issues makes it worth the investment.
In general, the more primitive the stem cell, the more flexible it is and the more various tissues it can be used to make.

"Adult stem cells are much more difficult to work with," Rafii said in a telephone interview. "But now we have another potential source and in this paper we have delineated all the things we have to do to get these amazing stem cells."

A small little sample of flesh from the testicles should provide enough cells to work with, Rafii said.

Once isolated, they grew the mouse cells into blood vessel, heart and muscle cells. These could provide a perfectly matched transplant for the patient himself and perhaps others as well.

"They can also be transferred to other individuals who are a genetic match. You could even give it to a sister if they are genetically compatible," Rafii said.

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