Top 10 posts Nov 10-17

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Native Americans
Newspaper Rock points out that not everyone thinks Oklahoma's statehood was a good thing, especially those Indians who were forced to move there as a designated Indian land. Quotes and notes from marchers are included. One quote,
"A start would be to remove the annual land run celebrations, in which various lands assigned to American Indians were opened for white settlement... It's demeaning to American Indians for that to be re-enacted annually,” she said. "I just tell my children go sit in the middle of the lawn and let the kids run over you because that's what happened to us.”
Abortion/ Politics
Randy Alcorn, whose books I've enjoyed, makes his first political post endorsing Huck.

Pro-Life with Christ has shown support for Ron Paul but they included a Huckabee article this week. Of interest to me is this quote, "As governor, Huckabee actively promoted the right to home-school..." Of course, he is pro-life, with caveats. A big bonus on the Pro-Life front as reported at Pro-Life with Christ is that Colorado's supreme court is allowing a ballot on the personhood of embryos.

I never knew the Orthodox church celebrates communion with leavened bread intentionally. Thanks Orthodox Thoughts.

UConn sociology professor Bradley Wright is analyzing the Willow Creek's reveal study. From that study Willow concluded they weren't making disciples. He puts on his Sociologist hat and breaks it down over several posts.

C. Michael Patton continues his divorce and the Christian discussion.

Apologetics can only help someone believe "that" but not believe "in." Thanks A-Team.

Rod Decker has a proposal for a Wednesday crucifixion of Christ..

When do missionaries know they've done enough to move on? Guy Muse has some answers and questions.


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