Top 10 posts of Nov 5-11, 2007

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There's always a conservation post worth noting, and this one is its own Top 10 list.
Christianity Today offers an holistic approach for development missions from beginning to exit.
Mark Driscoll makes a confession.
Michael Patton is a pastor who has repented of his seminary ignorance. He asks rhetorically, Is Divorce ever good?
There hasn't been a week yet where Ben Witherington hasn't had a stand out post. This week's is the Word as Sacrament.
My invitation to speak at GodblogCon in Vegas must have gotten lost in the mail...There were several who reported on it. This report from the Stand to Reason blog on LaShawn Barber's talk is good advice for God bloggers.
Mainline Pastor Eli Dorman swims against the tide he's in and proclaims the Dark Side of Inclusivism.
It's nice to see more Christian bloggers condemning torture, One by John Mark Reynolds and one by Joe Carter (Joe also had one last year). My two older ones are here and here.
The twin picked for abortion survived and the parents are glad.
A brief history of Veteran's Day at Joe's Jottings.


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