Why I like Huck for President....

Last month, I warned I'd start blogging on politics. Here's one post. I've also been putting links to articles in the shared feeds.

My primary concern is to find a pro-life candidate. Mike Huckabee meets that criteria strongly and consistently and across all ages, from the pre-born to the Terry Schaivo's in the world. He's not a perfect candidate in this respect though. He supports the use of certain embryonic stem cell lines that our current president authorized for research. I strongly disagree with using any embryonic stem cell lines. It's like a perpetual abortion.

I also like his desire for energy independence. Is it achievable? Not unless citizens are willing to live differently. As Huck points out, with China's and India's increasing demands for oil, it will become more scarce anyway, which means we will have to adapt anyway. Imperfectly, he supports drilling in ANWR, which I don't think makes a sufficient return for the ecological damage it will cause. Though others do.

I like his ideas on health care, more dollars spent on prevention than reaction will leave more dollars for the stuff that prevention can't stop.

I like his education idea of bringing back funding for right brained people.

Finally, I like that he has been a governor of a state and a pastor of a church. I'm not convinced a senator or mayor will do a job equal to that of a governor. And the intense politics at the national level don't even approach the politics in a Baptist church. I'm sure he felt state government politics were a vacation from church politics. I'm glad his faith informs his politics and that he is not ashamed of it.

Much more to read on abortion, stem cells, and conservation.


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