Another year another million babies lost to abortion

In case you haven't noticed in my side bar, I belong to Pro-life blogs. It has an amazing collection of bloggers who believe in the value of every person's life no matter how small or how young or how old or how disabled. This aggregator has an abundance of blogs and resources for one to get educated on this 34 human rights atrocity approved by our Supreme Court. Please pray for the safety of this year's million babies and their parents.


Rob said…
I presume "every person" includes Islamic terrorists, serial killers facing execution, and other known murderers. As well as Iraqi and other Third World people dying from warfare, hunger, and disease. How much has your community of bloggers blogged about saving all these lives, I wonder?
jpu said…
Thanks Rob for coming by. Obviously, I enjoy your blog. I think human rights is an important topic and if we wait to all people everywhere have them then no one will have them. I think age/size selective killing is a particularly abhorrent tragedy because it doesn't discriminate. All groups are at risk because of abortion. A million babies are killed in America because of inconvenience, which exceeds the number of dead in Iraq, 5 years now. Since 1973 america has killed more babies than adults Stalin or Mao sent to the grave over their entire regimes. May God grant us mercy because we don't want justice.
God is good
Anonymous said…
I thought Mao was responsible for over a 100 million deaths? Maybe I got bad info.
jpu said…
we're both wrong. Mao was responsible for up to 70MM dead. I was thinking he was a 30 MM guy, but that was his Great Leap Forward famine by itself. I have a book report on a biography of Mao here

God is good

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