Government incentives to prevent abortion

What if we can't turn our society around to see the horror of legalized abortion? Perhaps we could incentivize pregnancy. Most abortions are a method of birth control. Babies are aborted because they were conceived at a bad time, with a bad person, in a bad economic situation. For Americans, though, money talks.

Part of Wilberforce's anti-slavery legislation was payment to slave holders for the value of their "property" as compensation for their horrid practice. Was it rewarding evil to pay slave owners? Yes, but it made life without slavery "normal" in a generation.

What if the US government paid women for the inconvenience of being knocked up for 9 months? This is no longer a partisan issue. It becomes bipartisan because more children is good for the country. Say all abortion clinics and hospitals are required to have a staff member offering a cash reward for staying pregnant through delivery. All who sign up get free Ob/Gyn care for 9 months and food stamps or a stipend to supplement their clothing and food needs. Upon delivery, the cash payout will depend on whether the child is given up for adoption or not. If given up, she'll get a check and a thank you for her patriotism If not given up, she will receive additional free health care for the child up to 5 years. Adoption laws need to be changed also. Adoptions are so expensive because the privilege was abused terribly by a few, much like foster care still.

How much of a cash layout? Perhaps the poverty line income level.

It won't stop all abortions. But what if it stopped 250,000? At some point a tipping point will be reached when abortion will be as frowned upon as walking through Boston with your slave in tow in 1859. At that point, it would not be hard to legislate protection for all ages and sizes.

Just an idea. How expensive is this? More young workers could save Social Security.


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