Top 10 posts 2nd wk Jan '08

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1-That announcement that the Lakota nation is withdrawing from its treaties with the U.S. would be worth taking seriously if the 8 tribes that make up the nation decided it and not 3 people out for publicity.

2-The Old Testament is a story of a balance between ideals and reality, but that doesn't mean the ideals aren't there. I would add to Paul Copan's examples that Solomon writes a great love story even though he had 300 wives and 500 concubines.

3-Miracles amidst the atrocities in Kenya. More info.

4-A former embryo writes a book on behalf of other embryos.

5-An inspiring, familiar video of the autistic basketball star at Stories of Cultural Vertigo. Even though you've seen it before, it's still good.

6-Socket wrench vs. paintbrush.

7-Nutrition for 2008 at Sans Auto, more plants less meat less cars.

8-JM Reynolds explains the division that Huckabee brings to the Republicans. He's not channeling Reagan, he's channeling Roosevelt.

More posts can be found here on native American, theology, missionary, abortion, autism, food.


Rob said…
Thanks for linking to my post about Russell Means and Lakota Freedom. I'm following all the developments on that story in Newspaper Rock.

P.S. Has there ever been a book written by someone who wasn't a former embryo? ;-)

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