Top 10 posts 4th week Jan 2008

These posts are my favorites from my travels around the blogs. They appear in the shared feeds section all week here at the Umblog, or you can bookmark this page, or add it to your feeds with the RSS link.

1- Original language Bible texts on line. Link to the free stuff by Hall Harris at

2- Mormonism and abortion...pretty liberal.

3- Whole life evangelism.

4- A native american civil rights activist long before MLK.

5- An interesting video series on YouTube about marriage called When Sinners Say "I Do"

6- How much do you know about abortion law in the U.S.?

7- Obama in his own words on faith and abortion.

8- Rich Mouw likes church shopping. It gives him perspective.

9- Orthodox perspective on abortion.

10- Being pro-life doesn't make you a nutcase.

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