A bowl of super links Feb 3rd 2008

It was a double dose of great links this week and since the football title game is today, I fell free to offer a top 15 list from this week's posts of interests around blogdom. The links I point to throughout the week are here and can be subscribed too here.

1-As a non-meat eater I feel no guilt as I read this article in the NYT about the global effects of increasing beef consumption, not to mention personal health effects. Rod Dreher has some guilt. See my other posts on food and conservation.

2-How are Jesus and his Father one? A beginning exploration of the trinity by Rob Bowman. See my other posts on theology.

3-Some Greek thoughts on the Great Commission of Jesus by Dan Wallace. My other posts on Greek.

4-Some links to the raw facts on abortion. See my other posts on abortion.

5-Barn houses. See my other posts on houses.

6-A breech home birth that went well. I don't have other posts in this genre, maybe family?

7-The idol of personal pleasure. I'll file this in my 10 Commandments series.

8-Janet Huckabee is Mike's greatest secret. The Slate columnist was absolutely fascinated with her. You could read my other posts on marriage or politics.

9-True happiness and Augustine at Acton powerblog. Great quote and thoughts. Here is the quote from the big A,
A joy there is that is not granted to the godless, but to those only who worship you without looking for reward, because you yourself are their joy. This is the happy life and this alone: to rejoice in you, about you and because of you. This is the life of happiness, and it is not to be found anywhere else. Whoever thinks there can be some other is chasing a joy that is not the true one; yet such a person’s will has not turned away from all notion of joy.
10-How to love your Muslim neighbor. The list includes,
  • Pray the fullest blessing of Christ on them whether they love you or not.
  • Do good to them in practical ways that meet physical needs.
See some other posts on Islam and Muslims.

11-Do we have a president or a king in GWB?

12-In advance of Valentine's Day Joe Carter wants us to consider pre-marital adultery.

13-An Egyptian who converted to Christianity lost his case to have his religious affiliation officially recognized. See my other posts on human rights.

14-More details on the Colorado shooting and New Life's preparation. See more in atrocities.

15-Imagine dining with your family every night for 3 hours. Cool.


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