Embryos and the image of God

This is a conversation for believers. If you aren't a Christian this argument will be meaningless to you.

Are there any humans not made in the image of God?

Do diseased humans bear God's image?

Are disabled humans made in God's image?

Does a baby bear the image of God?

Is a baby in God's image 1 second before exiting the womb?

Is a baby in its 2nd trimester made in God's image?

Is a baby in its 1st trimester made in God's image?

Is a baby in its 1st second made in God's image?

Should it be a legal right to kill these who bear God's image even if it horribly inconveniences a woman for 9 months?
Should we vote for people who think otherwise?
Some candidates believe in the death penalty but not abortion. Some believe in abortion but not the death penalty.
"53 prisoners were executed in the USA in 2006, bringing to 1,057 the total number executed since the use of the death penalty was resumed in 1977.
Around 3,350 prisoners were under sentence of death as of 1 January 2007." Amnesty report.
The number of prisoners on death row in the U.S. is equal to the number of babies executed by abortion every day in the U.S. The number executed since 1977 equals the number of babies executed in the past 8 hours.
It is possible that all the adult executions were travesties of justice and they were all innocent. However, I'm sure all those babies are innocent. I don't support the death penalty for any who bear the image of God. I choose to vote for someone who will try to bring about the fewest innocent deaths of those image bearers of God.


GuyMuse said…
Really thought-provoking stuff John. Keep it coming. Our country needs to hear these kind of hard words. Hopefully we will awaken from our sleep and make the needed changes.

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