Obama and embryo lovers

The context of these posts is a "conversation" on a Christian recording artist's page, in which he advocates for Obama. Hence it is only my half of a conversation.

So the current method of Pro-lifers in the political arena is not adequate in your opinion? It's the method Wilberforce used to end slavery in England when most of the country did not care about slave rights. He used persuasion and politics and laws, it's a 3 legged stool. Persuasion never stops. Advocacy of human rights for the unborn continues in all political administrations through the blogs and the rallies and the protests and the prayer vigils and the pregnancy support centers and some churches.

Political advocacy for human rights for babies come from legislators and appointed judges not from Obama's party. He will put a halt to those efforts on the political and legal fronts or push it backwards, as will Clinton, just like Clinton before them.

The problem is that abortion is more than something we don't like. It is morally abhorrent and barbaric, just as slavery is. Whatever we do for the least of these among us we do for Jesus. Whatever we don't do for them we don't do for Jesus. Those babies are the poorest among us. Those babies are the weakest among us. Those babies are the least of these. The reversal of Roe will keep more babies alive than anything Obama will do. That reversal is more likely when pro-life judges are placed in the federal court system and the Supreme Court by pro-life administrations and approved by pro-life legislators.

So what if half the country is pro-choice. I'm sure 90% of those babies were pro-life as they were being killed in their mother's wombs. Does their opinion count? It's the same issue as was the slavery debate. Are these embryos humans or not? If they are, why vote for someone who wants to keep their execution legal and safe?


Rhea said…
Could you share who the Christian recording artist is? I'd like to know so that I can avoid the music.
jpu said…
no. i'm not on a witch hunt. i'm trying to convince a fellow believer to reconsider. he plays a church circuit mostly. nevertheless, he has a platform from which to influence young audiences.
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