a note to Christian supporters of Obama

I'm really glad Obama inspires you all. His rhetoric is phenomenal. He will be great. In fact, he'll be just as great as our last democrat prez, who vetoed every bill restricting abortion that crossed his desk. Are a million human lives a year worth ignoring for a guy who is so great in all these other areas? 2,700 babies every day are killed in utero in America. Obama is not interested in changing this holocaust because he thinks it is a right to kill babies. Is this the candidate for Christians who are commanded to love their neighbors as ourselves? Assuming the worst numbers, which moral calculus comes out worse? 200,000 Iraqis over 7 years or 7,000,000 babies in the same time? Which war is more evil? The one against a regime that killed thousands of its own with torture and mustard gas or the one against our own babies with scalding saline solutions and medical vaccuums? Which candidate will install supreme court justices who will call the the fallacy of privacy allows infanticide and who will install foolish justices that will continue to support the most liberal abortion rights in the world?
We can vote for the candidate who will do more for the unborn. Obama scores 100% for abortion rights. I don't think he cares for the "least of these." I looked past it once when I voted for Clinton in his first term. I regret that choice now. Give me a pro-life Democrat and I'll happily give my vote. But until then, the war that affects my vote is the war against the unborn, and the commander in chief I will vote for is the one who will try to end that war.


GuyMuse said…
Couldn't agree with you more. Your statement says it all. THIS ISSUE stands above all others in importance.
Anonymous said…
What do you recommend what the solution to be? That all Christians adopt and care for these babies? I myself don't agree with abortion...but, people are going to do it regardless of it being legal or illegal.

Christians who strongly advocate for abortion...need to step up to the plate and take the beam out of their own eyes AND adopt these babies into their home and give them the love of God. Some Christians can't do this at all but, they are judgmental and I know many who are legalistic and sure would be scary to see them raising these kids.

Adopt as many as you can and show the world that they are adoptable and at the same time, LOVED.
Janet Rubin said…
A little sarcastic at the beginning there, John. Once I got past that part, to where you were just passionately stating your case and putting valid questions out there, I could read it. I don't disagree about abortion being wrong. What I wonder is, are republicans who claim to be pro-life but really don't intend to do anything about it any better?
jpu said…
Thanks Guy.
Janet that was written without sarcasm. Inspiration in life in general is sorely lacking. I'm glad he inspires. I'm glad he is drawing people into political participation but I'm not sure he is drawing people into political thought.
However is incremental change for human rights worse than no change or worse?
The executive branch cannot write laws. The president can veto legislation, which Clinton did with partial birth abortion bans. The president can approve laws, which Bush did with the partial birth abortion ban. The executive branch also nominates judges. Bush, Bush and Reagan have stacked the Supreme Court with justices who have a majority that can overturn Roe.
God is good
jpu said…
I request commenters to be bold and leave their names. In brief, the issue is whether all humans have human rights or not.
God is good

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