a note to Obama's pro-life supporters

Some more from my side of a conversation I am having.

Your candidate can't even see the immorality of pulling a baby out of the womb up to its head then sucking its brains out. Neither can his competitor or the previous Democrat in the White House. You like Obama's proposals for legislation to provide health insurance and education for all children, but not all people believe this is affordable and believe it's a privation of their hard earned money. Like abortion it is a divisive legislative proposal. Why not support legislation to protect the human rights and dignity for 1 million infants because it is morally correct? Much of the country didn't support civil rights in the 60s, yet the morally right laws were made despite strong opposition. Leaving it to the states was a disaster. A federal solution was needed. Abortion is not unique in our country's history of issues in need of moral legislation despite deep division. We have done it in the past and we can do it again, but not with someone who so strongly believes "choice" is more important than "life." We have to choose which human right is more important. Destroying these images of God in the womb has been found by the church as wrong since the Didache in the 2nd century. Please reconsider your advocacy for someone intent on keeping the murder of the most innocent safe and legal.


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