Top 10 posts 3rd wk Feb '08

A dose of great links this week from posts of interest around blogdom. The links I point to throughout the week are here and can be subscribed too here.

1-Global Warming corresponds to Sun's activity, link from Acton Institute Power Blog. See more under science.
2-Procreate of perish? See more at abortion.
3-The machine that is DNA and the improbability of its evolution. See more under creationism.
4-33 things on Intelligent Design.
5-Turn your exposed recumbent trike into a covered all weather machine. See more under biking.
6-Obama's rhetoric is from the Lyndon Johnson era. See more under politics.
7-Christian life under Sharia law at CT. See more under Islam.
8-Characteristics of Christian counter-culture from Doug Groothius. Found by Justin Taylor. See more under church.
9-Artist hangs herself over grief for her aborted twins.
10-Planned Parenthood opens a 78,000 sf facility in Texas with more "procedure" rooms for late term abortions.


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