Top 11 posts Valentine's week 2008

A dose of great links this week from posts of interest around blogdom. The links I point to throughout the week are here and can be subscribed too here.

1-What is Biblical fasting? Fred Sanders has thoughts and quotes. See more under Bible.

2-Black History Month vs. Mormonism at Mormon Coffee. On the other hand a new Mormon diary made public raises the number of Indians killed in Utah on Bear River, 493. Rob considers this America's worst massacre. See more under African-Americans and Mormons.

3-Learning from Wilberforce's abolition methods for the fight for life today at Stand to Reason. See more under abortion.

4-Advice for good blogging from 1927 at Touchstone. See more under blogging.

5-Rowan Williams, the Christian archbishop of Canterbury, mistakenly thinks its time for some Sharia law in England. See more under Islam.
A-Anne Applebaum at Slate has thoughts at Slate.
B-Christopher Hitchens at Slate also thinks abrasively at Slate.
C-Rod Dreher links to some more thoughts.

6-A parody video counterpart to Obama's "Yes we can" for McCain (not really). Also, a break up letter from an Obamamaniac. See more under politics.

7-Are transgenders today's lepers for Christians and Pharisees? How will we love them? See more under church.

8-Guy Muse on how to start a church.

9-Chris Elrod on breaking up...not with dating partners but with church people with major issues.

10-Mark Driscoll on how to preach.

11-Joyce Meier thinks God doesn't want to send his Spirit into an unfit person so get to the gym! See more under heresy.


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