Yes we can stop abortion

If only Barak Obama saw the evil of abortion. But this inspiring speech can motivate pro-life people, too. My fear is that he would be a replay of Jimmy Carter's administration. So much hope, so much disappointment 4 years later. Hats off to the Black Eyed Peas for putting this together.


Janet Rubin said…
I just can't help liking Obama. I've been thinking about supporting a democrat. It's not easy deciding though. I want to like Hillary, but she seems so hostile. Obama seems so much friendlier to the Republicans. On his web site, he has what I think is a pretty amazing speech aobut politics and religion. Yes, I really, really hope he's for real.
jpu said…
he's an amazing orator who fully supports the abortion industry and they fully support him. why won't he bring "change" to our baby killing industry? why does he support that staus quo? but i ask that of anyone who supports "choice"?
God is good

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