Top 10 posts 2nd week March '08

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1-Mark's blog about late term abortion.
...more than 300 second and third trimester babies butchered every day in the U.S. Further, virtually all of these abortions are carried out for no medically indicated reason and involve healthy babies being carried by healthy moms...he even admitted that as the abortions got later, the percentage that was “elective” went up, with 28-week and later abortions being virtually 100% elective... Our enemies say that late-term abortion is a non-issue but, from a numbers standpoint, 300 dead babies is equivalent to a fully loaded jetliner crashing somewhere in America every single day.
2- At Pro-Life with Christ.
Results of a forensic pathologist's review of documents and slides related to the autopsy of a baby born alive during an abortion at a Hialeah clinic in 2006, reveal that non-medical workers may have committed manslaughter when they shoved the struggling baby girl into a biohazard bag and tossed her on the roof of the clinic to die.
3-At Parchment and Pen, the consequences of arguing while babies are aborted. T
hose who support abortion rights and those who would turn a blind eye to it including, sadly, many who name the name of Christ don’t deal with the reality of abortion. They’ll discuss women’s rights, Middle Assyrian Laws, poverty, Old Testament penalties for causing a miscarriage, population control and on. All worthy topics in and of themselves. But they don’t want to address what abortion is and what it does . . . the dismemberment and killing of an innocent human being. Indeed, how can one defend this?
Pictures of those dismembered babies are included.

4-McCain and pro-lifers
He supports reversal of Roe v. Wade.
He opposes funding for pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood.
He has supported the Hyde Amendment to prevent taxpayers' funds from being used to pay for abortions.
He has supported the Mexico City Policy as applied to preventing pro-abortion groups from using federal funds overseas to promote abortion.
He supported and recently co-sponsored an amendment to a Senate health bill to permanently prevent federal funds from being used to perform abortions in Indian hospitals. This amendment recently passed the Senate 52-42.
He supported the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.
He voted for and co-sponsored the Federal Abortion Ban.
He voted in support of parental consent and notification laws.
He voted in favor of Supreme Court and appellate court judges who would view the Constitution as respecting the right to life.
He has repeatedly voted to prohibit the District of Columbia from using federal funds or any taxpayer funds to provide abortion services.
These are just some of the major points in his 24 year record. McCain is also on record as voting to save the life of Terri Schiavo, a vote Barack Obama has publicly regretted. I will speak to that comment on another message.
The National Abortion Rights League has given McCain a 0% rating. They refer to his voting record as "solidly anti-choice." In fact when you read what NARAL has to say, you ask why is there any controversy on the pro-life side. Would that the rest of the Senate would vote this way on pro-life issues.

The U.S. Supreme Court will have at least one and probably three vacancies during the next president's term of office. IF WE CARE about who will sit on the Supreme Court AND the courts of appeals throughout the country, we must work for the election of John McCain.

In the end, we have two choices. One of them may not result in everything we want in a president (although he may surprise you), the other will insure the death of children and the end of much of what we have accomplished over these last 35 years.
5-Jill Stanek on what the last Democratic president did to assist the abortion industry, remember "safe, legal, and rare." It seems "legal" is the only priority to most Democrats.

6-Melissa at Stand to Reason writes
A recent study indicated that young Christians are interested in a broader array of social issues and ending abortion has become a lower priority. Some theologians and social activists encourage us to broaden our agenda, but somehow in that broader agenda abortion is not usually mentioned, and ending it is not a goal. There are a number of important concerns wrapped up in "social justice," but abortion always has to be a high priority because it has tremendous ramifications on our view of humanity, and that in turn results in further social injustices.
She quotes this information regarding medical infanticide.
And now in "Ending the Life of a Newborn," the Hastings Center Report —the most important bioethics journal in the world—has just published another pro Groningen Protocol article, granting even greater support for Dutch infanticide among the bioethics intelligentsia. Not only do the authors, a Dutch and an American bioethicist, support lethally injecting dying babies, but also those who are disabled, writing, "Critics charge that the protocol does not successfully identify which babies will die. But it is precisely those babies who could continue to live, but whose lives would be wretched in the extreme, who stand in most need of the interventions for which the protocol offers guidance."
7-Randy Alcorn quotes a talk by the Russian Orthodox Bishop of Vienna and Austria on the opening day of the World Council of Churches Central Committee last month.
“We are being told that human life is no longer an unquestionable value, that it can be summarily aborted in the womb … and that Christian 'traditionalists' should reconsider their standpoints in order to be in tune with modern developments. We are being told that abortion is acceptable … and that the church must accommodate all these 'values' in the name of human rights.”

“…What, then, is left of Christianity? In the confusing and disoriented world in which we live, where is the prophetic voice of Christians? What can we offer, or can we offer anything at all to the secular world, apart from what the secular world will offer to itself as a value system on which society should be built? Do we have our own value system which we should preach, or should we simply applaud every novelty in public morality which becomes fashionable in the secular society?”
8-Slate magazine is aghast that some Pro-Lifers are using the movie, Horton hears a Who! to remind people that "A person's a person, no matter how small."

9-The church still needs to proclaim God's plan for cohabitation, marriage, holy matrimony.

10-John Mark Reynolds tries to remind this cynical generation that there is a true love of deep passion. The poets of old weren't making things up.

p.s. Speaking of love, I hope to resume the Song of Songs series this week. I have no book to read, no vacation to endure, no new ways to declaim abortion to Christians...


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