another letter to a post-modern Christian part 3

I'm glad we agree on some things. I stand corrected on the Iraqi death toll. However, even that higher number only approaches the number of innocent babies we kill at home annually. When you say that abortion shouldn't be a litmus test for Christian politics is that an indirect answer as to whether there is any greater human rights issue at this time?

I don't care which political machine will fight for the protection of the unborn, but it needs to be fought for, like any other human rights issue including poverty, human trafficking, and healthcare. Right now, all other issues do not approach the carnage and immorality of abortion. 1 million babies a year in the US alone, 273 small humans a day, 10 babies an hour, 1 every 6 minutes. Jesus tells us that whatever we do for the least of these we do for him, there is none more weak and vulnerable than those babies, see this mom's story. He also commands us to treat others the way we want to be treated. I don't want my life taken arbitrarily because I am an inconvenience to someone else, so I will act on behalf of those who suffer such treatment. That golden rule is central to his teachings. In the same way, regarding sexual ethics, particularly within the church, who loved his neighbor more, the Corinthian church or Paul who kicked out the guy sleeping with his step-mother? Paul did. Leaving people to their sexual deviancy is not loving. Showing them the consequences and warning them is loving them as I love myself. I came across an irenic Christian response to many of those issues today. 

Back to abortion and politics. The battle is incremental. Clinton took away funding restrictions for abortions. He also vetoed 3 times a restriction on partial birth abortion. I don't expect Ms. Clinton or Obama who both support the right to partial birth abortion to care about the rights of the least of these, even though they both affirm a relationship with Christ. So, to me they are size-ist Christians. It's a funny title but it results in regression on the battle for the lives of those million babies annually. McCain also claims a relationship with Christ. He does not seem to be size-ist and in fact wants to continue the political correction of this injustice.

If there were a president choice between a racist who wanted to permit the execution of a million citizens a year based on factors beyond their control and a president who thought this wrong, Christians would still be divided, unfortunately. So we have these discussions and we try to persuade each other to reconsider our priorities.

So I ask you all here to reweigh the value of 1 million babies a year who will not be protected until the law protects them and assist the pro-lifers in the political process to make this happen.


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