why black Christians are pro-Obama - update

I'm a white Christian, but I try to follow blogs of those different from me. Hence, I read Indian, Black, and gay blogs. I was pointed to this blog by a black Christian on the reasons why many fellow black Christians can look past Obama's pro-choice, pro-gay stance. Basically, because of his color and what his victory would represent. The comment afterwards by a 70 year old black man is important to read also.

I'm not convinced that electing a black leader justifies ignoring his support of the legal decimation of the black population by infanticide. Abortion's body count overwhelms anything else. And the economic ramifications make our recession look like a hiccup. 40 million americans , over half in the prime of their working lives right now if let to live, are not paying taxes, buying houses, and having families themselves. How a black politician can support Margaret Sanger's vision of eugenics against black citizens is mind boggling. Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood said, "We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population." Abortion is the number one preventable killer of African Americans. Every other baby in the black community is murdered by "choice." Over 3/4ths of abortion clinics are located in or near minority neighborhoods. Planned Parenthood was recently exposed in a journalist sting accepting donations specifically for minority abortions in response to affirmative action.

Despite all this, Obama is strongly pro-choice, and black Christians have enough hope in him to vote for him. WHY?!

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Prodigal Jon said…
thanks for the feedback on my blog, stuff christians like. Feel free to use the story and say, "author Jon Acuff." Ok, I don't have a book yet but I did win a poetry contest in high school, so technically it's true
Chris Dickson said…
It's quite obvious that people are Christians in name only so they can line their pockets or get something for nothing. Barack Hussein Obama is promising a whole lot of Marxism and that's far more important to a lot of folks than standing up for Jesus Christ. That's okay, Jesus is going to deny them all someday too, when he declares to the Father "I never knew you!"
jpu said…
thanks but i can't imagine a more disconnected post to comment on but i'm cool with your generosity

i can't judge people's status before the Lord. Obama claims a conversion. i have no problem accepting that people can be saved an wrong at the same time. so i'll pray for him and hope he repents on this topic.

God is good

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