If asked about something "above your pay grade"

Rick Warren asked Barack Obama, "When do babies get human rights?" Obama's voting record shows his belief is after birth unless the birth was induced for the purpose of abortion. Perhaps he is honest here and really doesn't know. In that case, if you don't know, why not play it safe and say "at conception," or "after the 1st trimester," or something that indicates you have listened to opinion of most people in America? If the issue is "morally difficult" why not join those who want it to not be an option? A topic is morally difficult becuase there is something morally wrong in the chioce.

"Above my pay grade" is a generous quote to give to his political opponents. I expect to hear this phrase ad nauseum until November.


Chris Dickson said…
I would say that "Saddleback" became Barack Hussein Obama's "Broke-Back!" Perhaps he should have consulted his grandmother before taking on the debate, but I'm sure she would have told him to stay home because John McCain is above BO's paygrade!
Joe said…
I agree with chris.

In fact, I would submit that even I am above Obama's pay grade.

However, if nominated I will not run and if elected I will not serve.

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