the optimism of pro-life Democrats

M.Z. Hemingway in NRO notes the lack of reasons to be optimistic as a pro-life Democrat

Rev. Tony Campolo, an evangelical member of the platform committee, told Democrats for Life about other items he tried — and failed — to get included in the platform. The first was an issue he calls “parallel of choice.” If Democrats are going to fund Planned Parenthood, they should also fund pregnancy counseling centers, he said. That didn’t go over too well. He also pressed for the platform to mention that Democrats possess a diversity of viewpoints on the abortion issue. That also failed.

The final item he wanted included was a statement that abortion is a moral issue, not just a political one. No go.

Even with their meager victories, pro-life Democrats seem genuinely excited about the party’s new openness to them. Campolo pointed out that he didn’t sneak onto the platform committee — Howard Dean appointed him.

The pro-life elected officials and candidates at the forum were effusive in their praise for Sen. Barack Obama, despite his 100-percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America, a statement that he wouldn’t want his daughters “punished” with a child if they faced an unplanned pregnancy, and promise that his first act as president would be to push abortion rights legislation. When queried about it by the press corps, the assembled Democrats defended Obama and explained they support him for his other positions.

Campolo said that public opinion on abortion moves in the opposite direction of the president.

“If we have a pro-choice president, we’ll move in the right direction,” he said.


GrannyGrump said…
I guess they can be optimistic because there's noplace to go but up.
jpu said…
Actually, it could go down as Obama promised to sign more pro-choice legislation as his first act in office.
God is good

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