Abortion for the greater good?

Palin's VP'dom has brought out the honesty of pro-choice advocates to the mainstream. Another case in point is this Slate column by Jacob Weisberg.
Forget the Juno scenario—in the real world, only a tiny fraction of unwed mothers give their babies up for adoption. If you do not allow teenage girls who accidentally become pregnant to have abortions, you are demanding either that they raise their children as single mothers or that they marry in shotgun weddings. By the numbers, neither choice is promising. Unmarried teenage moms seldom get much financial or emotional support from the fathers of their babies. They tend to drop out of high school and go on the dole, and they are prone to lives of poverty, frustration, and disorder. Only 2 percent of them make it through college by the age of 30. The Bristol Palin option doesn't promote family happiness, stability, or traditional structure, either. Of women under 18 who marry, whether because of pregnancy or not, nearly half divorce within 10 years—double the rate for those who wait until they're 25.
My thoughts in response are:
  1. Perhaps adoption needs to be promoted more and made simpler.
  2. Pregnancy isn't an accident, it's a likely contingency of the choice to have intercourse.
  3. WIC is a government program to provide for those children who don't get enough support.
  4. "Poverty, frustration and disorder" are not justifications for murder.
  5. The 50% divorce rate is not unique to teen weddings.
The question to answer, as Rick Warren phrased it to Obama, is when does a child acquire "human rights?"


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