The acceptable discrimination: natalism

Francis Beckwith wrote Politically Correct Death in the 90's. He is a Christian Philosopher who teaches at Baylor University. Up through the election, I'll be pulling quotes from this book. Here is his take on natalism, which is not the same kind of natalism described here) and political correctness. Political correctness
tolerates natalism: the denial of the fundamental human right to lie to a segment of human beings simply because they are not post-uterine. Just as skin color (racism), ethnic origin (ethnocentrism), gender (sexism), nation power (imperialism), and birth date (ageism) are irrelevant to one's possession of fundamental human rights, so is one's degree of development and location inside or outside the womb (natalism). Unfortunately, this politically correct prejudice, manifested in the practice of abortion, nearly always results in the death of its victim. p. 12
It's no surprise so many Christians in America are willing to vote for someone who denies human rights to babies. They've voted for racists in the past too. They vote that way because they themselves are racist and natalist. My calling in this time is to convince my church family that denying human rights to babies is always wrong.


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