Democrats for Life vs. Obama

Democrats for Life of America are trying to change the party from the inside. This is well and good. One of their attempts is the crafting of a bill for Congress, the Pregnant Women Support Act. But it didn't make it very far in the Democrat controlled Congress. In almost direct apposition to the bill is the The Freedom of Choice Act, which Obama has promised to sign into law if he were elected president. The top of the Democrats for Life homepage actually has a sample letter to oppose this act. How does Obama feel about the Pregnant Women Support Act? The Mirror of Justice blog notes

In fact, Senator Obama has voted against or directly opposed two of the central elements included among the foundational parts of the proposed Pregnant Women Support Act (see here). First, the proposed Pregnant Women Support Act would require health facilities that perform abortions to obtain informed consent from a woman seeking abortion. But Senator Obama has strongly and repeatedly endorsed and promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, legislation that would overturn informed consent requirements at the state and national level. Second, the proposed Pregnant Women Support Act would enhance health care coverage by allowing states to extend medical care coverage to an unborn child. When the same proposal was offered as separate legislation, Senator Obama voted against it.

In sum, assuming that Senator Obama as president would balance out his increasingly aggressive pro-choice message, administrative proposals, and legislative initiatives with support for programs that might incidentally reduce abortion is a thin reed upon which to justify support by a faithful pro-life voter.

I don't think his feelings are fond for the DfLA bill. If DfLA can't influence Obama regarding human rights for babies from within the party, what hope is there in his self-proclaimed bipartisan skills? Update: It's worse than I thought.

FOCA will negate parental notification laws. PWSA seeks them in all states. What effect does parental notification laws have on abortion? 13% reduction in abortions.

PWSA also wants to expand support for pregnant women through insurance and W.I.C. The proven effects of such proposals are a 37% lower abortion rate.

Great ideas. I hope the Democrat controlled Congress passes this bill instead of FOCA.


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