Imposing pro-life on people

I have some friends who have told me that I or a Supreme Court justice have no business telling people that abortion should be not be legal.
However, I feel free to presume that they believe slavery is an immoral act that is rightly illegal.
But that's old history.
I bet they believe that the practice of female circumcision (genital mutilation) was rightly made illegal in this country although it is not immoral in other, specifically Muslim-African, countries. Why is it illegal? It's a violation of human rights,
it is a form of violence against women and girls. In order for this practice to be understood, FGC must be placed within the broader context of discrimination against women across cultures and as a symptom of the greater problem of women's subordination and compromised dignity. The documented complications of FGC constitute a violation of a person's right to physical and mental health. Such fundamental freedoms are protected by several universal human rights instruments, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I think it is also safe to assume my friends would agree that it is wrong and illegal for Warren Jeffs and his sect to practice polygamous marriages with child brides. Biologically, there is nothing wrong, and young brides are nothing new to history, but our culture has imposed a lower limit on the age of consent to marriage.

The examples of a moral decision turned into law are multiple. There is abundant precedence in our culture of its practice. There is nothing controversial about making and enforcing laws to stop people from harming others.

That may be a sticking point, "others." Are babies in the womb other? Are they fellow humans? Are they more than a growing tissue like a tumor? Why is tumor removal never a difficult moral decision? Why are morals involved at all? What is the difference between a benign tumor and a growing baby? Potential. Guilt. Memories. Associations. Relations. Are babies in the womb human beings with human rights? If one finds this question above their pay grade, perhaps its safe to assume, Yes, rather than, No. Babies are small dependent human beings with all the DNA that makes them human both in and out of the womb. Outside the womb they are still dependent and helpless and voiceless.

Advocates of human rights, such as myself, use whatever platform we have to advocate for the basic human rights of those without a platform. All human rights violations are awful but they are even worse when perpetrated against the most vulnerable. So I will write here to persuade and I will advocate to protect them with our nation's legal system. I will also not vote for those who promise to continue and expand these human rights violations. I sympathize with those who can't vote for those who ignore human rights, but not with those who then conclude that they must vote for someone who wants to expand violations on another part of our population.


Jeremy Dalton said…
Amen, brother, amen.
lady.shiv said…
Yes, but then you are treating the fetus as a more important (or more worthy of human rights) than an impoverished or victimized woman who cannot, or does not want to, carry and then raise a child. And since there has been no scientific or legal judgment as to whether or not an early-term fetus is considered a human, but we all know that women ARE, that is why the rights of one trumps the potential rights of the other.
John Umland said…
not more worthy but equally worthy as any human. we don't permit impoverished or victimized women to kill their day old babies.

there is no scientific question that embryos are fully human. they have all the information they need to grow like you unless they are killed.

again i say if you don't know then why not make the safe assumption that they are?

do her rights stop trumping the babies right up to delivery? can we restrict last trimester abortions? european countries do. can we restrict 2nd trimester abortions? again other countries do. if a baby is born alive from an abortion attempt can that baby have human rights? Obama didn't think so and argued against that.

can there be any restrictions on abortion?

God is good

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