is the war an equal evil as abortion?

The worst statistic I've been quoted is that the war cost 1 million Iraqi lives. I can concede this. Since the occupation approximately 90,000 have died due to violence. These are not mostly US caused but intertribal and interfaith, Iraqi on Iraqi. In 2008 about 27 die per day. About 4000 Americans have died in this occupation. About 20 Americans a month are now dying in Iraq. Grand total for the stupid and wrong war, about 1.1 MM lives over 5 years.

In contrast, 1.1 MM babies are killed in the womb in America every year, 100,000 a month, 3,000 a day.

Human rights are violated in both places every day. It's like 2 buildings are on fire and you have to pick one to put out. The nursery with 3000 babies in it or the apartment complex with 50 people in it. Between the 2 major party candidates, only one wants to put out the fire in the nursery.


Joyce said…
Sen. McCain has voted against measures that would support pregnant women and families that need it most:

McCain voted against extending Medicaid coverage to pregnant women and infants up to one year of age with incomes below the Federal poverty line.

Senator McCain voted twice against the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), one of the largest support programs for pregnant women and poor children, which would have provided health care to an additional 3.2 million children and continuing coverage for the more than 6 million children already dependent on the care.

Senator McCain has opposed increases in funding to nutritional support program for pregnant women and infants (WIC) that has proven to be one of the most effective programs in supporting women to carry their pregnancies to term.

McCain voted against increased funding for child care and does not have a plan to help families make child care affordable.

Sen. McCain has voted to increase taxes on local small business nurseries and childcare providers.

He has voted against minimum wage increases at least 19 times and voted to completely repeal the minimum wage in 45 states.

And this is your 'prolife' candidate.
John Umland said…
Hi Joyce
Thanks for coming by. I have a couple responses. As a leader in the church I don't feel it appropriate for me to endorse anyone. I do feel the church needs to act prophetically in culture and condemn immorality in the government. I can't "endorse" anyone, since no one comes close to Jesus.

Since no one comes close we must perform moral calculus, which this post attempted to do. Which candidate will commit fewer human rights violations?

The issues you bring up are not human rights issues. I think they are good issues, just not part of my "human rights" calculus.

I suggest you read the proposal of the Democrats for Life, that Obama will not support, as well.

God is good
Joyce said…
Thanks, John. I've always enjoyed your blog. It's intelligent and interesting.

I'm surprised that you don't think these are human right issues. As you so diligently fight for the life of babies (which is wonderful, btw, and an issue that needs a solution), I don't see how not caring for babies who are in their mother's womb and need health care and nutrition, as well as the babies in those mothers' wombs and the mothers themselves isn't a human rights issue.

There are also many other human rights such as AIDS, in our country and particularly Africa, this unjust war, and many others.

I am still disturbed that you value the lives of the unborn more than the lives of innocents in war. You post hypotheticals about which lives are more important. In God's eyes, they are all equal. In God's eyes, all injustice is the same in His eyes. Tell a mother who lost her son or daughter in the war that you would not prioritize their children's lives if given a choice.

Jesus left the 99 to save the 1. All life is sacred, John, or none is. All sin is equal in God's eyes. You continue to say that the lives of the unborn trump all other human life. That's wrong.

Joyfully serving Jesus,
John Umland said…
Dear Joyce,
The legislative issues you pointed to are compassion issues, not human rights. They are about enhancing quality of life and not about the deprivation of rights. I don't know the specifics of the bills you list, but as I read what you wrote, his votes never actually took anything away.

As far as ethical priorities, we practice it every day and in our laws. Pornography is bad, child pornography is worse and has worse consequences. Prostitution is bad, child prostitution is worse and has worse consequences. Murder is bad, child murder is worse, and Obama supports the murder of children in the womb. That is unacceptable. It's barbaric. He also supports removing any restrictions on abortion through the FOCA law.

How can anyone support the murder of children? How can you support someone who condones the murder of children?

Please take the time to look at the Democrats for life plan. Then please ponder why Obama rejects it.

God is good

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