a letter in response to 5 objections to the pro-life vote

Dear _____
I appreciate you trying to talk to me and listen to my defense of human rights for small humans. I see 5 issues you bring up 1) are fetuses equal to women? 2) even if they are unthinking or unfeeling? 3) who has the authority to determine morals? 4) is it worth the effort? 5) McCain is a jerk. I will answer in 5 parts.

1) I feel like an abolitionist trying to convince people that slaves have human rights in the 1850s. Why did African slaves have human rights? Because they had the same type of DNA that sets them apart from every animal. Today I ask you, what is an embryo? It shares similar but different DNA from its host, the mother. Similar means it's human and not an animal parasite. Different means its not a tumor. So that embryo is a human. This isn't an issue of belief, this is accepting or rejecting facts.

2) You and I already believe that "unthinking, unfeeling" humans have human rights. Remember the blind, mentally disabled woman at our church? If you killed her, what would be missing from society? She can only take, like an infant, and not give. In fact she was unwanted and given up for adoption. Does she think? Not apparently. I believe she has human rights because she is a human made in the image of God. What about the unfeeling? Why do we keep people alive who are in a persistent vegetative state? Because they occasionally wake up and return to consciousness. But they may be unresponsive for years. And we have hope that science and medicine might crack the code that locks up their consciousness. You and I know that an embryo will be more independent in only a couple months. All the mother needs to do is wait, not kill. See more links on this below.

3) Human rights are protected by laws. Human rights have been denied humans by evil laws as well. Before Roe v. Wade, most states granted those rights to these babies. But the Supreme Court took them away, just like it did for the slave named Dred Scott who argued that when he traveled with his owner to a free state, he should have the rights accorded blacks in that state. The Court denied that right, overruled the local court, and determined that slaves did not have rights no matter where they were, they would always remain property until their master freed them. This ruling allowed slave owners to parade through free cities with slaves in tow and the appalled abolitionists who had fought for laws enabling protection of the human rights of blacks. Roe imposed a morality across the nation that was illegal in most states. In fact, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has acknowledged this very thing. She said
There would have been an opportunity for dialogue with state legislatures [to] reduce restrictions on access to abortion [had the ruling been written differently]. Of course it has to be the woman’s choice, but the Court should not have done it all, ... It is dangerous to go to the end of the road when all you see in front of you are a few yards.

In fact we already have a Constitutional Amendment, number 14, that says the government can't deny anyone their right to life without due process. The laws were already there, but the court made an immoral and unconstitutional ruling.

4)Helping babies at risk of murder is helping our neighbor in need. When we help the least of these we emulate Christ and affirm the dignity of all humans. Helping them helps ourselves. That's why we share friends who adopted two unwanted mentally disabled babies. Like I said about the rape camps in Congo. Why do you care about those women? Your care for them benefits who, other than them? Does that mean they shouldn't be protected and cared for? Of course not.

5)McCain is a sinful human being. So is Obama. So am I. So are you. But Obama denies that babies in the womb are human and affirms they are not worth any dignity even when aborted alive. He considers teen pregnancy a punishment. He doesn't believe all humans have human rights.

Do you?

I pray that the Holy Spirit will give us soft hearts and wisdom.

God is good

FWIW, a baby has all the nerve connections it needs to feel things, including pain at 8 weeks, and has brain waves that can be recorded at 40 days.


Joe said…
Two reasons Obama is not qualified to be President:

1) He supports the killing of unborn children.

2) He was born in Kenya! He is not a natural born citizen.

For more information, go to:


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