repeating the mistakes of the Christian right

CT has a new editorial up showing that the Christian left, who was rightfully critical of the Republican exploitation of the church in the past, has fallen hard for the Democrats with the same results. Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo loved being invited to the Democratic Platform Committee to talk about abortion.

"The platform committee reached out to us deliberately," said Jim Wallis. "They were really seeking what evangelicals and Catholic leaders felt about this."

"There was a sense that both the policy people with the Obama campaign and the platform committee draft people took seriously and responsibly what Catholics and evangelicals had to say," said Tony Campolo, who served on the committee. "They listened. They took us seriously."

And they came up with the most pro-abortion plank in the party's history, calling abortion a need and eliminating language that "abortion should be safe, legal, and rare," because abortion lobbyists felt it cast abortion in a negative moral light.

So that means the Christians couldn't even hold onto the status quo of the Democratic platform. This resulted in even more Democratic rear-end kissing from these Democrat Christians.

"Obama's campaign and the Democratic Party have taken a historic and courageous step toward empowering women for an expanded range of choices and saving babies' lives by supporting mothers whose will and conscience tell them to carry their babies to term," said Northland Church senior pastor Joel Hunter. "Pro-lifers of both parties can now support Sen. Obama on the basis that more lives will be saved than if they had just taken a moral stance hoping to overturn Roe v. Wade."
Has anyone read 1984? Even the reporters listening to this conference call wanted to know when up became the new "down" and down, the new "up."
The reporters on the press conference call were incredulous and kept pointing out that pro-life Democrats had lost. But Hunter and the others were insistent. They hadn't lost. They had been included.
If Democrats for Life aren't heard, why should a bunch of born-again wing nuts be? Because, they'll go back and tell their congregations that up is the new "down" and down the new "up." And the sheep nod their heads. Anyone read Animal Farm? George Orwell is the patron saint of us cynical observers of political history and human rights. No population believes they are dumb enough to be duped by a despot.


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