Acceptable Honor Killing in America - Abortion

Last night I engaged an Obama/abortion post by a reformed black pastor at the Blaque Tulip, which I've read for a long time, but never commented at before. I've been mulling over my last paragraph, in which I wrote, "The big difference is Obama thinks it is a right to kill babies and McCain didn't. If you replace "babies" with any other part of the population, you'd see why I can't ever vote for someone who is pro-abortion, especially to the degree Obama claims."

As in my debates with other pro-choice friends, it's hard to get them to see abortion as analogous to anything else in life. There are three parts to the analogy; scale, segment, and justice. As pro-lifers, we point out the scale that never have so many humans been killed daily. We also point toward the collective outrage when a segment of humanity is systematically destroyed, like the Holocaust. We also argue that no one should be killed purely for another's satisfaction which is unjust, at the least. But I wonder if the scale is so immense that it shuts down pro-choice brain circuits.

Then I thought about honor killings, something that is relatively new to our country and our newspapers as immigration patterns have changed. Most of my fellow citizens are repulsed by the violation of family bonds, to the degree it is violated, and the disproportionate response to the "offense." Our country tends to think of those who practice honor killings are moral midgets, yet ignore our own honor killings. What honor does abortion protect?
Are these in proportion to murder? Are these just reasons for parental abandonment?

If I could re-frame the analogy. Would you vote for the honor-killing-rights candidate? Or would you choose the one who believes there is no right to honor killings? Would his economic policies effect your vote despite his immoral position? Meet a one-issue voter, me.


GrannyGrump said…
I think you're right in that at some level, abortion is so horrible that people can't accept that it's really happening. They have to cling to the illusion that abortions are fairly rare, done only in desperate circumstances, after consultations with doctors and other experts, when there really is no other option for the woman -- and only very early in the pregnancy, when there really is "no baby", just some tissue that has the potential to become a baby.

The reality -- that abortion is common, done on frightened and demoralized women who would make other choices if given the chance, done up to and past viability, with the occasional live-born baby left to drown in the toilet -- well, it's just too much to wrap your mind around. Especially when everybody you love and respect thinks it's okay.
Jeff said…
I never thought that I would ever become, like you, a one issue voter ... but this issue is a definite 'deal breaker' for me. Your writing is excellent, your analogies on the mark and your presentation biblical and based on truth ... even to the non Christian. Abortions, infanticide or just plain murder for the sake of convenience is the most self centered thing that anyone can do; but this time in history is the 'all about me' generation. Keep up the good fight and keep on writing ... you inspire me.

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