Can we agree abortion is a problem?

Can we agree abortion is something wrong even if I can't answer every tangent related to it? I have a friend who keeps pointing to the "awful" foster care system as a reason for keeping abortion legal. Francis Beckwith in Politically Correct Death addresses the issue of tangents.
For I believe that the question of whether or not abortion is immoral is entirely independent of whether or not one can solve the problems for which abortion is ordinarily employed to eliminate...Think of all the unusual precepts that would result: unless I am willing to marry my neighbor's wife, I cannot prevent her husband from beating her; unless I am willing to adopt my neighbor's daughter, I cannot prevent her mother from abusing her; unless I am willing to hire ex-slaves for my business, I cannot say that the slave owner should not own slaves. By illegitimately shifting the discussion from the morality of abortion to whether one has a "solution" to certain social problems, the abortion-rights advocate avoids the point under question...there is a fundamental difference between "eliminating a problem" and "finding a solution." p.16


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