Congratulations Nation!

One great accomplishment of this election is another example of MLK Jr.'s dream for a person to be evaluated on his character and ideas instead of his skin color. It's taken over 143 years since the end of the Civil War and 40 years since the Civil Rights era for an African-American man to be elevated to the highest political office in our land. It's taken too long, but now that it has happened, I am glad for our country. We may still have racist citizens in our country, but our country is not a racist country. I am actually really happy for our country. Racism is not now magically erased from nation's actions and psyche, but it's in retreat. Hurrah!

Yet, as you might expect, my feelings are also bittersweet. The pro-life movement has a new hurdle before it. Yet our methods remain the same, prayer and persuasion. We will continue to ask God for mercy and the grace for softened hearts among our fellow citizens. We will continue to try, by persuasion, to soften the hearts of our friends, neighbors, and political representatives. Without a filibuster-proof Senate, we can hope that FOCA will not be presented to President Obama. Nevertheless, we can try to persuade all of our legislators not to pass it. We have no political effect on the current Justices, but God can soften their hearts as well, as Justice Ginsburg might be demonstrating. I hope my pro-life, pro-Obama friends will continue to pray and persuade with me, and seek to work within the Democratic party to elevate the efforts of groups like Democrats for Life.

Honestly, if McCain won, I would still feel bittersweet. Sweet for the pro-life movement, but unhappy with his positions and plans. But God is on the throne, and my feelings really don't matter, because the Lord decides who will lead. I did see several bitter postings by Christians over this election. Why? If a Christian considers Obama an enemy then Christs commands us to pray for them and bless them, not to curse them. Judgement and cursing are the Lord's not ours.

Rejoice! This is the day that the Lord has made!

Thank you Lord for placing us in a nation that let's its people choose a leader. Thank you for the privilege to partake in this privilege that so many people in the world do not have. Thank you for peace after this election. Protect Mr. Obama from angry, homocidal, would-be assassins. Give him vision and wisdom. Turn his heart to your reighteous ways. Surround him with good counselors. Give him a peaceful season. Heal our country. Heal our land. Re-unite your church. Be glorified.


Joyce said…
It's a good day to be an American. May we continue to seek God diligently and may our country bless God.

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