Human Life Alliance

Facts from the Human Life Alliance

  1. Since 1973, over 50 million surgical abortions have been performed in the United States. The death toll from abortion is more than all the casualties put together from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Iraq War. 1
  2. The leading cause of death in the black community since 1973 is abortion. It has taken over 13 million black lives (1/3 of the population) in the last 30 years. Although African Americans represent only 12% of the population of the United States, they account for 35% of the abortions performed in this country. 2
  3. After the moment of fertilization nothing is added to the human embryo except nutrition and oxygen. 3
  4. The percentage of women who have abortions because of rape is 1%. 4
  5. The percentage of women who have abortions because of incest is less than 0.5%. 5
  6. At 21 days after fertilization a baby's heart begins to beat. 6
  7. 24% of pregnancies end in abortions. That means 1 out of every 4 babies is aborted. 7
  8. By the time the baby is 6 weeks old, his or her brain waves can be detected by electroencephalogram. 8
  9. Eugenic abortion is becoming increasingly popular. Medical researchers estimate that 80 percent or more of babies now prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted. 9

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