letter to a pro-choice sister

Victims of rape and incest already have rights. So I admit I'm a little lost about "addressing their rights." Interestingly, Planned Parenthood has been snagged repeatedly for covering up these issues when young women come in for abortions. There are laws put in place to protect these women and PP cannot be relied on to do that. It is absolutely tragic. I hope you agree.

There are adults who are glad their mothers didn't kill them after the rape. Here is one story. Here's another. The first link points out that perhaps less than 2% of abortions are due to rape or incest. I'd gladly live with that injustice if the other 1.1 million babies would be able to survive their gestation.

I think you know that single mothers made a choice to have sex outside of the safety net of marriage/wed-lock. That may be a mistake, but mistakes have consequences. Compounding it with another mistake of even greater magnitude is foolishness. The mother escapes the pregnancy but lives with nagging guilt and shame for the rest of their lives, resulting for some in post-traumatic stress syndrome. My local CareNet runs recovery groups for these women.

These children are not unwanted. If adoption didn't cost over 20 grand in the U.S. there would be enough families to adopt 1 million children a year. What Carenet finds, though, is that many of these mothers decide they want to keep their child. If abortion were de-legalized, don't worry, there wouldn't be a need for multiple orphanages around the country.

I'm surprised by your assertion that I probably believe a torture life is better than death. Indeed, I do believe a tortured life is better than death. You just had a friend commit suicide. Do you really believe he made the better choice? This world is full of tortured lives. Is your solution for them suicide? Do you think a kid should kill himself if he gets put in the foster system? Perhaps you should talk to foster kids and their parents before you make assertions on their behalf. You will find they strongly disagree with you.

A woman makes her choice when she decides to have sex outside of marriage. The government is not telling her who to sleep with or when. It's her choice. But consequences always follow our choices. The government already provides for poor women and children. We as Christians are commanded as well. James writes, "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." chapter 1, verse 27. In Roman times, orphans and widows were unwanted. Their options were usually slavery or prostitution. They could do nothing else in exchange for society. They were utterly dependent. Just like unwanted babies.

Jesus knows that mistakes and poor choices and accidents happen. He knows that moms and kids are left without husbands and fathers and he tells his people to do something about it. Why? Because he loves them. He created them. He creates those babies that are killed in their mother's womb. He loves those babies. He loves their moms. He loves their dads, even if those dads are rapists. But he will also bring justice, see 2 Thessalonians 1:6. So I'm doing something about these unwanted. My church is doing this. I give a percentage of the money God gives me back to organizations like Carenet for local needs, but also to orphanages outside our country. Those orphanages are not ideal, but they are better than a life without parents or an orphanage. Are those children unwanted? They may not be useful to society, but is usefulness a criteria to determine value of a life? God wants those children, that's why he created them. And he asks us to take care of them. Killing them is not God's way of caring for the unwanted.

How are you practicing this acceptable, "pure and faultless" religion? How does your support of legalized abortion care for the "unwanted" children?


Jeff said…
Well done John, well done.
Peace, Jeff

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