Rape and Pro-life Feminists

Feminists for Life have (had?) a magazine called the American Feminist. They tackled the issue of rape and feminism in a 1998 issue. It's a PDF and I wanted to pull a few important quotes. They recognize the issue's severity.
The Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that there are 310,000 rapes or attempted rapes each year. The Alan Guttmacher Institute estimates that approximately 1 percent of the 1.4 million children aborted annually — 14,000 children — are conceived in rape. Since many rapes go unreported and many women who have abortions do not admit to being raped, it is impossible to verify these statistics. Hence, this issue most likely affects a greater percentage of the population than is currently recognized.
But there are stories of good coming out of tragedy.
Lee Ezell was raped by a man at work more than 30 years ago. She was just 18, and had never had intercourse. Several weeks later, she was shocked and frightened to learn that she was pregnant. Desperate, she initially considered having an abortion, even though it was illegal. A close friend advised her to go to Mexico, where the procedure was performed. The friend even offered to accompany her, but Ezell could not end the life of her unborn child. Lacking support at home, her choices were few. After carrying her baby to term, she placed her newborn daughter in an adoptive family. Today, happily reunited... Together Makimaa and Ezell tell their story and offer emotional support to other women who are faced with similar circumstances.
But is abortion the best response to conception from rape?
Most people find it hard to understand why a woman would choose to carry a child conceived in rape. They assume that the pregnancy would serve as a traumatic reminder of the attack. However, Kay Zibolsky, founder and president of Life After Assault League, a support group for women impregnated through assault and children conceived in assault, says, “Somehow people believe these children are not worth saving, but [the manner of] conception doesn’t determine worth.” ...Zibolsky compares abortion to a second rape, another violation of her body and soul. Moreover, the shame a woman usually feels after an assault only intensifies after the abortion experience, so that she is then faced with two crises rather than one. “[A]bortion does not ‘unrape’ a woman or remove the violence that has been perpetrated against her,” wrote Patricia Casey, M.D. in Swimming Against the Tide: Feminist Dissent on the Issue of Abortion. In the aftermath of these traumatic events, the woman finds herself unequipped to cope with either experience.
The abortion does not solve anything, except preserve woman's live.


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