Statuatory rape not a problem with Planned Parenthood

Remember the video I shared last week? Well there's another one from the Mona Lisa project. And they promise more after this one. How does PP help women? I'd like an explanation. Here is the introduction of the press release from the project.
INDIANAPOLIS, IN, December 16 -- Undercover footage from a second Indiana Planned Parenthood clinic shows an emerging pattern of abuse, as more clinic counselors evade their legal responsibility to report the statutory rape of young girls. The new footage is the second video in Live Action Film's "Mona Lisa Project," a series of investigations documenting how secret abortions keep young girls trapped in cycles of sexual abuse.


Jeff said…
John, are these "mandatory reporters" being prosecuted?
Peace, Jeff
John Umland said…
Indiana officials are considering investigating. PP fired the first person and has suspended the person in this new video.
God is good

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