cinema review: Bella (2006)

Wow! It's been two days since we watched Bella and I can still use exclamation points. I loved the story and I loved how it was told. The foreshadowing and flashbacks and the present were so tightly interleaved that it didn't make sense until the very end. In a way, every scene was "now," the present. The past and the future haunted the main characters. She did not want to be pregnant. He was willing to adopt her baby. Her reasons were stereotypical. There's not much need to be creative on why women see abortion as their best option. But his reasons are complex and provide the story arc. The climax is at the very end and left us weeping. I don't want to spoil the story for those who haven't seen it. I found the stories of how the movie came together from a rookie director and a fresh face to American cinema with a script written by someone who never wrote a script before yet won an award at the Toronto Film Festival inspiring. The movie has power. It's about life and family and it tells it well. Enjoy.


Jay Kadana said…
hey Brother, share your excitement for this film! I'd love to have you write a guest post on my blog about it. I write at I haven't seen bella yet and would love to have an article about it on our blog.

get a hold of me if you're interested.

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