The cruel irony awaiting embryonic stem cell advocates

There is nothing for me to add to this essay.

In 1973, Feminists promoted abortion as their route to liberation; a way to elevate their status in society and secure for them what they believed was rightfully theirs.

Due to their efforts, the evil of abortion was unleashed. Once an evil is unleashed, no person, group of persons nor government can limit or control it.

In the Guangdong province of China today, 144 births out of every 200 are male. The reason for the disparity of the normal 50% ratio is that this province (and government) specifically targets female babies as undesirable and aborts them. So 44 female babies are aborted out of every 100 female conceptions, or 44%. Chilling, isn't it?

So the Feminists in this world thought abortion would free them as second class citizens, but now it targets them as a second class citizens ten fold.


Those disabled advocates (who struggle with horrible diseases and face the difficulty of lost mobility) who promote embryonic stem cell research as their way out are in danger of making the same mistake that the Feminists did 30 years ago.


Their efforts will be unleashing an active evil that will eventually turn on them ten fold and seek out the disabled, elderly and infirmed defining them as less than human with no legal rights nor deserving of any protection. They, themselves, will become the hunted.


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