Obama restores federal funding for destructive baby stem cell research

Embryonic stem cells usually come from "extra" IVF embryos. These "extras" are fully human, which is why IVF is unethical in the first place. Sometimes these extras are stored on ice indefinitely and sometimes they are trashed. Since these cells are pluripotent, meaning they have the potential to become any cell type of a fully developed human, researchers believe there is great hope in doing something with them therapuetically. George Bush acknowledged the ethical problems of this line of research and prevented federal funding for this research with a few exceptions. Nevertheless, private and state funding was available. Research also continued around the world. In the meantime, research on adult and cord blood stem cells, without any ethical concerns, continued with demonstrable successes. Embryonic stem cells by execution have proven disastrous after implantation, usually resulting in tumors, the cells grow out of control in the host's body. Obama's administration "advisers calling the move a clear signal that science — not political ideology — will guide the administration."


Science shows that adult stem cells have been successfully used for therapy without ethical concerns. The science shows that destructive embryonic stem cells are unhealthy. Who is motivated by political ideology? Facts are not guiding the adminstration. In fact, ethics don't seem to guide it either. Science without ethics is barbarism.

Congratulations to my brothers and sisters who voted for this president. You are getting everything he promised you and everything you were warned about.


anthony c from across the pond said…
This is totally insane of Obama and co. It will create an embryo "supply and demand" business, which will multiply and be virtually unstoppable. I can envision "human embryo banks" where they pay you for your eggs like they pay for plasma from your blood. not cool.

The only ethical way I've seen the "extra" IVF embryos used (besides of course, being implanted in Mommy and Daddy) is the the snowflake (think embryo) adoption program
http://www.nightlight.org/snowflakeadoption.htm . I know a couple who had a baby through this program, after a few tries. This is special for infertile couples, and while it's not a complete solution to the problem, it at least gives these little guys and girls a chance to live.

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