Obama's pro-life buddies slip sliding away

What do you call someone who can find the silver lining in any morally repugnant policy? Moral Accountability uses the slur derivative, "house Catholic" for Doug Kmiec, who
Not too many months ago, he declared himself dedicated to changing the mind of a young presidential candidate in whom he saw much promise but whose views on abortion he declared unsatisfactory. Today those views are “pragmatic”; Kmiec’s fellow Catholics are un-Christian in their vocal opposition to those views; the call of the unborn on our attention is muffled in obscurantist twaddle about “legal personhood” and private religious views; and opponents of a pro-abortion black president’s coming appearance at a Catholic university might as well be Klansmen.

Into what new shape will Douglas Kmiec contort himself next?

Protestants have their shape shifters as well. Joel Hunter is quoted at BeliefNet

"They have hit the right balance by limiting funding to particular slated-to-be-destroyed IVF cells, yet expanding significantly the number of diseases that can be addressed by increasing the number and range of stem cell lines from which we can learn," said Joel Hunter, pastor of an Orlando-area megachurch. "These guidelines respect life from beginning to end."
Not really Joel. Killing unwanted humans is not a means of respecting life.

BeliefNet also reports, The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, said "the new regulations embody caution and care that respect pro-life values."

No they don't Rev. If the church is to be the conscience of society, it needs to scream when the most vulnerable, the weakest, the smallest, the most unwanted are treated as research material. It should not look the other way or call evil, good.

Embryonic stem cell research is evil. That may not be politically popular but it is ethically true, killing humans for research or for convenience (read "Choice") is evil. I thought all life mattered to these Democrat belivers/faith partners. Then why do the unborn not get defended in the public sphere by these partners? Washington does it over and over again. Jesse Jackson was pro-life. So was Al Gore. So was Ted Kennedy. So was Bill Clinton. Read their pro-life statements earlier in their careers here.

My liberal Christian friends chose Obama because the Republicans gave them so little. Do they really think Obama will give them any more?


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