How will PP respond to this trend of protecting sex offenders?

Lila Rose keeps finding Planned Parenthood clinics around the country that are willing to cover up statutory rape. The latest one in Alabama. Statutory rape is a felony that requires immediate reporting by all the states she has exposed so far. Only one or two clnics have responded by firing their counselors. I think their business too important to them, more than stopping men who exploit teens for sex. I predict they will try to change the law. Why do I think that? In my home state, ultrasounds for babies has been restricted, "an ultrasound of an unborn child can't be done without a medical reason or authorization from a physician." source. update: CareNet not worried.

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This law can make it difficult for Pro-life clinics to show women they are carrying another human inside them and not a blob of tissue. The argument for the law is the energy of the pictures could put the child at harm. However, in our country's law, the unwanted baby can be harmed up to delivery.

This leads me to think that statutory rape laws could be at risk as well. If the law is removed, then this bit of PP's business won't be at risk. Last week, a man from New York city was sentenced to 9 months of jail for impregnating a 14 year old girl three times over 6 months and she got three abortions, news story behind subscriber wall at With judges like this, the law seems to be on weak legs as it is.

Jesus never mentions abortion in the four gospels, but he tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Is silence in the abuse of teenage girls more loving? Is silence while the innocents are slaughtered more loving? If Jesus didn't cover every single possible way to sin, does that mean he didn't care? That's why he gave us the Golden Rule. It's simple. If I don't want to be murdered I should speak up for those who are being murdered. If I don't like being exploited I should speak up for the exploited. Come quickly Lord Jesus.


Kyle Avent said…
Thank you for doing what you can to expose the abortion movement's illegal actions. If you've never read it, I think you should read "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian. This book addresses several other issues, as well as how abortion was sold to the US as woman's rights.
John Umland said…
I always enjoy a book tip, thanks Kyle.
God is good
Letsgetreal said…
I've always been curious. If ALL baby's go to heaven as the vast majority of Christian denominations believe, Then what is the real complaint with abortion?

I'm not trying to be a smart ass but would like an intelligent answer to this.

ALL baby's go to heaven. So, the abortion clinics are batting 1000% That's better than all the christian churches put together.

Adults can go to hell. How many babies would have grown up and went to hell when they died. The Bible declares this to be a huge number because "narrow is the way, and few there be that find it.
John Umland said…
For the same reason, I presume, you would object to us Christians killing innocent, delivered babies to get them into heaven. God has a problem with murder, so do we, usually, except for those psychotics who forget that and try to kill abortion doctors, see my earlier post on vigilantism.
I believe human rights are for all humans, so I try to defend everyone's rights and object when those rights are taken, especially those American ones, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
God is good

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