denomination endorses healthcare legislation on one condition

This is straight from the FRC, but there's very little commentary to add to it, other than, should a church endorse legislation?

Reports today have the predominantly African American Church of God in Christ, with an estimated 6 million members, set to endorse the President's health care plan. The endorsement is to be carefully worded, to ensure that President Obama stays true to his promise that abortion will not be government funded--a condition that every single version of health care reform pushed by leading Democrats in the House and Senate fails to fulfill.

The issue of abortion is of utmost importance in the African-American community for it is this community that has been targeted by Planned Parenthood and their ilk. Since Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973 over 13 million African-Americans children have been killed. The targeting of pro-abortion forces is highlighted when you consider that African-Americans make up only 13.5 percent of the population, yet Planned Parenthood's Guttmacher Institute reports that of the approximately 1.21 million abortions that are performed annually in the United States, 37 percent are performed on African-American women and their unborn children. Preliminary data currently being compiled on all abortion facilities in the U.S. shows that over 20 states have abortion facilities in areas where the African-American population is 50 percent or higher. In fact in 10 states and in Washington, D.C. abortuaries are located exclusively in minority areas. If the current versions of the President's health care overhaul pass those numbers are sure to increase.


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