book report: Beyond Opinion (2007) by Ravi Zacharias

As a Booksneeze book reviewer, I was so excited to receive a Ravi Zacharias book, Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith we Defend, for review. He is on our local Christian radio station, WCSE, and those 15 minute shows are usually so compelling, we’ll sit in the car to hear the end of the show. The recorded presentations are very palatable because the apologetics are weaved into compelling narratives. The book does not go down so easy, which is not a bad thing, especially if you like more meat than potato. Mr. Zacharias serves as the general editor and contributor to

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the book. Other chapters are written by current and former staff from his apologetics ministry. Of the 14 essays, three were most enjoyable to me: Challenges from Science by John Lennox, The Trinity as a Paradigm for Spiritual Transformation by L. T. Jeyachandran, and Idolatry, Denial, and Self-Deception: Hearts on Pilgrimage by Danielle DuRant. I enjoyed the first because I am a biologist by day and I appreciate a hearty scientific discussion from a lecturer at Oxford in mathematics. I enjoyed the second because I never realized how much sense the trinity actually makes. I enjoyed the third because it confronted me and challenged me to stay alert on my journey of faith through this life. Each essay stands on its own and if one is not interesting there are many more to learn from. I heartily recommend this to all who dwell on the difficult but important ideas about life, faith, religion and truth.
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